Let’s bring to the surface the great power that runs within you,
one pool workout at the time

Hi, welcome to The Ripple Club!

Our fitness revolution started after co-founder Alicia Antonuccio was diagnosed with Patellofemoral syndrome in 2007. With all sport, except swimming, aqua aerobics, or aqua biking, off-limits, she tried the latter and was hooked. It was the one thing that helped to keep her knee pain at bay. When she moved to Singapore in 2011 and was unable to find anything similar, she and her husband, Yannick Dedigama, decided to build their own aqua fitness community. In 2012, they quit their jobs, bought 13 aqua bikes and established Aquaspin™ (now The Ripple Club), and the rest, as they say, is history!

Our growing Ripple community welcomes those keen to explore the water’s natural resistance and its revolutionary benefits in their workout. We believe everyone has the right to healthy, invigorating workouts that are great physically and mentally – without injury and unnecessary fatigue.

Our Pillars



Choosing water as our training ground prevents injury, protects the joints and provides a natural resistance for strength and endurance.

We are a safe space where pre and post-natal women, athletes with injury or seeking an edge, and anyone who finds the gym setting a tad too intimidating could carve their own path on their fitness journey.



The Ripple Club combines the natural resistance of water, high-tech fitness equipment and contagious positive vibes for a sure-fire way to transform the body and mind.

All because everyone deserves mood-lifting workouts that are safe, exhilarating and empowering—a philosophy we live and stand by, in water.



We aim to create more inclusivity in our world by making our workouts accessible to people of all shapes, sizes and different fitness levels, including pre and postnatal women, athletes, people recovering from injury and curious newcomers.
We are home to vibrant, supportive instructors from diverse backgrounds unified by one shared purpose—to create lasting positive ripple effects.