Classes for everybody

Enjoy a full body workout with our aqua fitness classes.

Each aqua training programme is designed to tone your body, lose weight and increase cardiovascular endurance, all without causing any joint discomfort – making it the perfect workout whether you want an intense sweat session or a gentler fitness programme in the pool.

Our classes cater not only to different fitness needs, but our aqua class timings suit varying lifestyles. If you don’t have time to make it in person, our new app even allows you to do our aqua classes in your pool at home!

Dive in and discover the ripple effect!



Our fun, interactive and motivational Aquaspin™ classes use specialised stationary bikes where riders pedal against the resistance of the water.

You can choose from two different class types:

Ripple Signature Class (50 min)

Designed to get your heart pumping with shorts sprints on our aqua bikes followed by periods of rest, you’ll be working your legs, arms and abs in this toning and energising workout. This is a great class to get started!

Ripple Endure Class (45 min)

This aqua biking class focuses on your lower body and upper body moves with longer intervals. Our energising high tempo music will inspire you to get in the zone and build your endurance.



Ripple Box Class (45min)

Feel like Rocky after our aqua boxing class! It’s a full-body workout that will get your heart rate up and work on both cardio AND strength. With pumping music and energetic instructors – it’s a great session! No prior experience necessary.



Ripple Circuit Class (50 min)

Combining cardio intensity with strength training, our high-paced Ripple circuit training classes incorporate aqua bikes, water-resistance equipment, and fun!



Ripple Virtual Class

If you don’t have the time or ability to make it to a Ripple class, you can still join us in the water virtually from our Ripple app on your phone or tablet. There’s no excuse to stop making ripples!

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