We all know that a salad is a healthier meal than Mc Donalds, however we can often be deceived by what we call the “fake healthy foods”.
They scream “I’m good for you!!” but they are packed with unhealthy ingredients and become, not so good after all!
So if you think you are doing everything right food wise and your scale won’t budge this article is FOR YOU.

Here is a quick guide on which “healthy foods” are a NO-GO and how to replace it with a REAL healthy option



We are not even talking about cheap orange juice filled with sugar and preservatives, sometimes even our homemade juices can be bad for us!

BAD POINT 1: They can make you overeat. Our stomach can receive only a certain amount of food in one serving before letting you know it is full, helping us to avoid overeating. You wouldn’t be able to eat a mango, half a pineapple and 10 strawberries in one serving but once you juice it, you can drink it without feeling full!

BAD POINT 2: Sugar and carbohydrate intake: Be mindful that many fruits have high sugar content, and are largely made up of carbohydrates. Using the right kind of fruits / veggies to make sure you are not packing up the sugar is crucial.

THE HEALTHY WAY: Add more leafy greens to your juices and make sure you add unsweetened yogurt if you are making a smoothie.



Convenient as a snack or breakie option, filled with amazing nuts, fruits, preservatives, sugar and processed fats.

BAD POINT 1: Most of these nuts and fruits are kept together by a coat of brown syrup, honey, corn syrup = sugar.

BAD POINT 2: It is SO expensive! The healthy looking ones are around 15 bucks when we know how much the ingredients cost, It’s day light robbery!

THE HEALTHY WAY: Make your own. Buy the raw ingredients, mix them together and here you have your healthy breakie. Quick tip: I add cinnamon instead of sugar, it gives a great taste without the calories.



Yes, EVEN frozen yogurt is bad for you.

BAD POINT 1: To taste that good it is made with lots of sugar.

BAD POINT 2: We go crazy on the toppings and pack up on the calories.

THE HEALTHY WAY: Freeze bananas and when you feel like ice cream: smash them, add raw nuts, a spoon of non sweetened peanut butter and there you go!

frozen yog



Here you are in front of your salad, ready to eat a healthy meal when you reach out for your bottled creamy dressing.

BAD POINT 1: Most of the pre-packaged salads/ sauce have preservatives. Try to avoid them as they are not processed very well by our bodies.

BAD POINT 2: Most of the dressings are packed with sugar and salt.

THE HEALTHY WAY: Make your own or go to a Salad Bar where you can make your salad on the go. And pick a transparent dressing rather than an opaque one, that should keep your meal healthy!



In the 60’s when scientists were asked to study why we were getting fat, sugar companies paid specialists to put the blame on fat. The low-fat diet became famous!

BAD POINT ONE: We need good fats (avocados / oils) – do not take them away from your diet!

BAD POINT 2: Fat is most likely what gives the nice texture / taste to the product. So what did the companies do to compensate? Add MORE sugar. There seems to be a recurrent theme here..

THE HEALTHY WAY: Take the full fat products, they are most likely healthier and tastier!

low fat



You’ve heard almonds are good for you so let’s buy those flavoured ones they are yummy!

BAD POINT 1: Once again these are coated with sugar and salt, the two best ingredients for weight gain and water retention.

BAD POINT 2: They are full of MSG – which is definitely not our friend.

THE HEALTHY WAY: Pick raw nuts, and even then, one hand full should be the max as they are pretty heavy in calories!



They are made for active people so they should be good for us right? that’s a lie.


BAD POINT 2: Artificial pretty much everything: colouring, taste, preservatives. You might as well buy a pack of candy at this point.

THE HEALTHY WAY: Coconut water (the real stuff) is natures perfect natural sports drink. Or WATER! Add fruits into your water if you are bored of drinking plain water. My favourite is lime lemon cucumber, it tastes like a cocktail without the hungover!



Full of protein, soy milk is a good choice when you want to treat yourself with a fresh drink

BAD POINT 1: Sugar: Make sure it is unsweetened as most of them are as sugar filled as a can of coke!

BAD POINT 2: GMO soy is abundant around the globe Make sure you inform yourself about the soy used.

THE HEALTHY WAY: French brands are a safe bet given the strict GMO laws.




REALLY?? Like all diet restrictions (paleo / gluten free / vegan) there are healthy and unhealthy products!

THE HEALTHY WAY: Read the ingredients and make sure you are not indulging on a sugar packed biscuit / sandwich.



I’m guilty of it, I believed for a long time that canned soup was the healthy quick supper option

BAD POINT 1: Most of the canned soup will contain lots of sugar and salt, but also very little nutrients. With sometimes as low as 30% of veggie concentrate, this is definitely not a good option!

THE HEALTHY WAY: Make your own. Soups are super easy to make, plus you can keep them for a few days, and try different recipes every week!


Bottom line is, eat as much un-processed food as you can. Otherwise have a look at the ingredient list, if there is a word you do not know, most likely your body won’t either!

Alicia x