Singapore is hot 80% of the time and hot and wet 20% of the time. How do you keep fit in this heat? Wether you are not a big fan of indoor training or if you prefer to exercise outdoors to minimise the risk of Covid infection here are a few tips to make your outdoor training an enjoyable experience.


I know that sounds like an obvious one but I still see a woman running on Holland Road at 12pm everyday (if this is you…please tell us your secret!)
For everyone else who doesn’t want to suffocate, early morning (before 8am) and evening (after 6pm) are the best timings to workout outdoors. You want to miss the most humid and hottest part of the day which would make you feel like hell (literally) . Early mornings and evenings in Singapore are slightly cooler and if you live on east coast you might even feel some breeze in the evening – lucky you!


There seems to be a common theme in all my blog posts… but I cannot stress this enough.
We are sweating SO MUCH in Singapore, even if you don’t realise it, it is crazy! Other important fact: your body is between 50% to 75% water so it is essential that you fill up the tank once in a while. Depending on the workout I would recommend drinking before your workout, do regular stops to take a sip during class and then drink a big gulp at the end of your workout. Of course if you are doing burpees you might want to go light on water between your sets then catch up on your water intake once your done. Not drinking enough water might lead to migraines and overheating during the effort. Did I mention water is also calorie free? bottoms up everyone!


If you are joining us from a cooler country (or indoor training), you might want to stop at the store and buy some Singapore appropriate workout clothes. There are 3 things that will make a difference in this heat:
1. Colour : Black workout gear is so good at hiding sweat marks but they also absorb the heat so don’t be afraid to go for lighter colours!
2. Material: Look for light, breathable, dry fit materials that will allow your sweat to evaporate quickly and avoid overheating.
3. Coverage: Trust me, the less covered you are, the better you will feel during your effort. I understand not everyone is confortable in tiny shorts but the best outfit to beat the heat would be sleeveless tops, shorts, a hat and sunglasses if needed.


Weather conditions do affect your fitness level. Try and run 5k on the treadmill at the gym in aircon then do the same 5k outdoors at 12pm. You will FEEL the difference.
Yes you will be slower, it will feel harder to workout but everyone else here is feeling the same way so don’t be too hard on yourself or you are setting yourself up for failure.
First take some time for your body to adjust to the outdoor temperature (especially if you just came out of an air conditioned room) and keep in mind that the reason why you feel slower is because your your body is working extra hard to keep you from overheating.
Quick tip: Go for a shaded area and avoid concrete, it tends to be super hot during the day!


I am quite dark skinned but I still wear SPF50+ every time I train. Let’s face it, no matter how dark your skin is you need sunscreen to protect you from UV damage and to avoid those beautiful tan lines! You will be sweating so choose a waterproof cream and make sure you spread it everywhere (yes even on the back of the neck) before your workout. Quick tip: It is best to do it at home as once your start sweating (aka when you do your first step outside the door) it is a lot harder for your sunscreen to stick.


woman exercising in water

You might have seen this one coming but it is true: why get drenched outside when you can enjoy an amazing high intensity session in the pool and feel revitalised afterwards?
If you like being outdoors minus the gross parts join us for a Ripple Club class and you will feel the difference!
As far as I am concerned, taking a dip in the pool is definitely the best way to beat the heat and humidity in Singapore. There is so much to do in the water! You can go for a swim, lift weights, train hard or use it as a cool down after your sweat session. It just feels amazing, and it helps with cramps, overheating and muscle recovery. One important stop on the way though… the shower!

Hope this one will help you to stay fit while enjoying Singapore’s beautiful parks, beaches and pools!

Alicia xx

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