First of all I think I need to say this out loud before I start writing this blog post: Like most normal human beings of this century, I am not what we call a morning person. I am pretty much the opposite of that. I absolutely love to stay in bed in the am until I naturally wake up which obviously does not happen when it is dark outside.

Now you would be thinking: so if I dislike waking up early that much, why am I happy and full of energy when you meet me by the pool in the morning? Well there is a magic word for that: Training!

Over the years I developed tricks and tips to make sure I am full of energy and ready to rock my workout from 7AM – and guess what? I am going to share them with you today  – Lucky you!



I know that sounds crazy, but if you are like me, asking me to wake up before the sun is up is pretty much the same thing as asking me for the best bite of my sandwich. It’s a real sacrifice!

If I have to wake up extra early on Tuesday, I make sure I remind myself about it throughout the day with an extra thought on Monday night, just to make sure my body and my mind accept it. Not sure why, but I wake up refreshed on Tuesday like if it was completely normal – try it out and let me know if it works for you!



No one wants to spend 20min looking for their sports bra at 6am. That’s the best way to go back to bed without even trying. Make it easy for yourself and prepare your clothes / bag the day before.

I sleep so much better knowing that everything is ready for my morning routine and did I mention you will save a few precious minutes of sleep? That’s a deal!



Before going to bed I am usually pretty motivated about my next day workout. But sometimes when I wake up the next morning, the motivation has magically vanished!

Btw this trick also works when you have a big day at work, an exam or any event that requires extra motivation.

I usually stick a post it on my alarm clock saying « Come on! » or “You can do this!” What ever works for you – Make it super personal, and positive. No negative thoughts – that will definitely NOT make you want to wake up! I try to write funny and motivational quotes and it makes me laugh every time, putting me in a great mood for the rest of the day. Try your own!



Yes I know, food should not be used as a reward but let’s be honest…it kinda is…If I have to wake up extra early to workout I make sure I remind myself that I will have time to stop for a great juice or chai latte with a chia seed pudding after class. Working out suddenly appears as a mean to a great end, and without knowing it I am out of bed ready to rock. It works EVERYTIME!



Just like Rome wasn’t built in one day, don’t expect to become a morning person in a week. It takes time and practice. I would recommend starting with one workout a week and once this gets easier go for 2 or 3. In no time it will become more and more natural to you and who knows, you might even become one of those people we hate to love…the morning people!



It won’t be too hard to find someone who, just like you, doesn’t love exercising in the AM. The goal is to make you accountable. In case you wake up not feeling up for it, the feeling of guilt you would feel if you let your fellow friend down will force you out of bed. Plus if it is a good friend, spending some time with him/ her should be an extra motivation!



If you are into music, waking up with your favourite song is the best way to start the day! Most people think music has to be loud and high pace to wake you up but that’s not true. Find the kind of music that resonates with you and make sure it is on in the am while you get ready – sing along if you feel like it to warm up your vocal cords!



It’s an oldie but a good one. I used it when I was a teenager (and everyone knows waking up early when you are a teenager is the hardest thing in the world). I had a bunk bed in my room and I would use my radio located “below me” as my alarm clock (yes there was a time where everyone used alarm clocks and radios not phones!).

The radio would be pretty loud, so I had to jump out of bed and down to turn off the radio before I woke up the whole house. Once I was out of bed, I would automatically take the path to go to the bathroom and the shower will finish the job!

Here you have it, my 8 tricks to get up early, workout and enjoy a full day happy and energised! Remember, it takes 66 days to build a new habit, stick to your new plan, and within no time, you will be getting more out of you days!

If you have more tips and tricks please feel free to share them I would love to know what rocks your boat!

Now that you are all prepped, you can enjoy our 7:30am classes at Singapore Polo Club and Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway!

See you by the pool at sunrise, newly converted morning exercisers!

Alicia xx