Being an adrenaline junkie, my go to workouts are usually those in which I end up a pool of perspiration, gasping for air on the floor. I have been exposed to such high intensity workouts since my military days that I have been accustomed to put my body and mind through such stress, in order to gain physical strength and mental clarity. However, as much as I love the adrenaline rush of high impact high intensity workouts, I have to admit, my body is craving for something else…after my last injury, I realised that all I needed was to add some low impact workouts in the mix.

When I looked around, all I could see were ads for “tough”, “hardcore” workouts that would “torch calories fast”. When I asked my mother, someone who leads a sedentary lifestyle, why don’t you try to exercise? this is what she replied to me “there is nothing for me! It’s all for the fit ones like you, it sounds very aggressive and scary”. I got my Mom started with a low impact workout, she said “finally now there is something for me” even though it existed all this time! Then I thought to myself, more people need to know about low impact exercise and its benefits, so here you go: 5 reasons why I believe you need low impact workouts in your life:

1. Reduced risk of injury


Doing only high impact exercise is not a sustainable way to keep fit (no matter how old you are). Low impact workouts put less stress on joints, bones and muscles, making them a safer option for everyone – I mean who likes to be injured anyway? It is the perfect option to add that 3rd or 4th exercise class a week or for someone like my Mom, who is prone to injury or have joint pain.

2. Improved cardiovascular health


Low impact exercises in the water, such as swimming and Ripple Club classes are proven to be a more effective for your cardiovascular health than high intensity high impact workouts on land which put too much stress on your heart and lungs. Water exercise works your heart while keeping your heart rate at a lower range, making it the best way to improve their function.

3. Better for Recovery

women cycling underwater
Adding low impact workouts to your weekly schedule is an answer to a smooth muscle recovery, allowing the body to repair and build – which is how you get stronger. Not feeling sore the following day is an added bonus, as you are still able to carry on with your daily chores.

4. Perfect for beginners


Low impact workouts can be a gentler introduction to fitness, especially for people who are new to exercise or who have been inactive for a while, all while they build endurance and strength. It is also a very good way to build yourself back up after an injury before you jump into high impact stuff!

5. Mental Benefits


Exercise in general has been shown to have positive effects on mental health and low impact workouts can be a great way to destress, relax and improve mood without putting too much strain in the body.

Overall, low impact workouts can be a great option for anyone looking to get in shape without putting too much strain on their bodies. It also the best way to dip your toe in and fall in love with fitness! Being in the water, we are all about low impact at The Ripple Club. Our classes are highly energetic, highly addictive and highly motivating while the water buoyancy takes care of your bones and joints.

My awesome fellow instructor, Alyaa and I will be running Ripple Classes in the sea on Sentosa next weekend 18th and 19th February, Book your spot here and SEA you there!