It’s official, kids are back to school, it is getting cooler (just kidding), and it is time to get back to fitness.

Even though you left Singapore with all the good intentions to be healthy and fit on holidays, sometimes it is just impossible to follow your fitness routine religiously. Not to worry, you just need a good plan to get back to your “fitself”.

Easier to say than to do right? Planning to get back in your routine can be pretty overwhelming so let’s list out a few tips to help you bounce back after a break.




Hating your body or complaining about how your fitness level went down in the past few months won’t help you. Positive thoughts please!
You just need to acknowledge that you took a little break and you will soon be back to a fitter you. Taking a break and indulge is simply human, stop blaming yourself for that and get in the pool




Even though all these miracle diet brands would like you to believe it, you CANNOT loose 5kg healthily in two weeks. Just as it took you a few months to put them on, it will take you some time to get back to it, whether you are looking to drop a few pounds, get stronger or improve your cardio, please always lower down your expectations.
We always hear: “Go for the moon!” But I can assure you, if you look at a fitness model and say this is my goal in two months, you are setting yourself for disappointment.
Even though it can sound motivating in the beginning, giving yourself unrealistic goals will discouraged you and you might simply give up.
Goals are made to be achieved – keep that in mind!




After a break we are all pumped up, ready to rock and we want to go all out right? And that’s the best way to injure yourself. Just as it takes sometime to start your car engine if you haven’t used it for a while, your body will need a little catch up time to get back to full speed.

Give your body and mind some time. Increase intensity & frequency of your workouts slowly but surely and be thankful once you reach your pre-break routine!





Motivation to exercise and eat healthy is hard to keep, however being consistent is the only way you will get amazing results. Have you ever felt that your goals seem so far away that you want to give up and take “a break”? Well, you are not the only one.
Best way to stay on track is to break your big goal into smaller ones so you get to enjoy the fulfilling feeling of achieving your mini-goals along the way, keeping your motivation high. It can be as small as eating only 1 piece of chocolate after dinner or taking the stairs only, try it out, it’s amazing!




You want to achieve the “look good feel good” holy grail, but perhaps it would be good to set yourself a goal which is not linked to your image for once?
Signing up for a race and achieving 5, 10 or 21 Km run, being able to do 20 push ups or even 1 pull up (that’s a hard one) are awesome yet achievable fitness goals. They will for sure keep you focused and motivated along the way. Once you have reached that goal, set up a new one – the sky (and the ironman race) are the limit!





Get back to fitness without thinking about it: Go on a long walk, rock climbing, dancing, trampoline jumping…anything that sounds like it would be too much fun to be a fitness class!
While you will be enjoying jumping on a trampoline like it’s 1965 you will forget about how many calories you are burning and how toned your legs and abs will be after this bit of fun!
There are so many activities in Singapore, we are spoilt for choice, you HAVE to find what rocks your boat!
PS: If you find a great activity let us know in the comments, it can help our fellow Riders




Finding a workout buddy is one of the best things you can do to get AND stay in shape this year: Why?
– You always find a lousy (let’s face it) excuse not exercise after work? It’s one thing to cancel plans on yourself but it is a lot harder to cancel on your workout buddy – he/she is counting on you!
– Facts: workouts can be a lot more fun if you share them with someone you know, it’s just like going to the movies with a friend VS alone.
– Before you are about to eat a huge chocolate donut, call your workout buddy and get some support!
– A little bit of friendly competition never killed anyone, you might find yourself pushing a lot harder to “beat” him/her.

You don’t have a workout buddy? Not to worry, there a plenty of groups online (there is even an app for it in the US!) to find one. The one I have tried and approved in Singapore is Urban Remedy, a great ambiance and lots of (workout) buddies to interact with!




As you might have noticed so far in this article I talk a lot about accountability: whether it is to your calendar, a friend or to a studio – this is how you stay fit in the long run!

Plan your days, book your sessions for the week (just a random example of course), put it in your calendar and you will most likely show up for that second or third class a week!
We have set up a cancellation policy up to 24hrs before the class, so no last minute excuse to skip your Ripple Club class!

How are you feeling now? All pumped up and ready to get back in the game? I hope so!
Enjoy the smalls steps along the way and remember, love yourself and make the most of your fit-life!

Alicia x