Where is your favourite place to workout? We asked around and got a lot of “the gym” or more recently “my living room” as an answer. Alyaa, one of our amazing Ripple P.R.Os, gave us a surprising and exciting answer:”the sea!” Alyaa likes to mix up her routine and keep it fresh. “Rather than looking for the perfect workout to do everyday, I prefer to mix up my routine and discover how new environments and workout styles feel for me.” Even if she is not the best swimmer she still finds exercising in sea water has amazing benefits. Here are the 4 reasons why she find herself craving her next beach workout. Read on, dive in, and feel that vitamin SEA!

    1. Water makes my workout more efficient

Whether I’m walking in the water, swimming, or doing a Ripple class, the water adds extra resistance to my movements, it’s like working out with resistance bands constantly – no weights required!
Since you’re having to push your body through the water, you train harder (you can’t cheat!) and build endurance faster against the natural flow of the seawater. That’s an efficient workout!

    2. It keeps me cool

I’m someone who gets hot very easily. Living in Singapore, of course, doesn’t help with this problem.
Rather than being in an air conditioned room every time I want to exercise, doing water-based workouts puts me in a natural and cooler environment.
Sea water is always cool and fresh, helps ensure I don’t overheat, motivates me to work harder for longer and leaves me feeling immediately refreshed once I’m done with my workout.

    3. It gives me Vitamin D!

Since most of us spend our days inside, we might just end up absorbing less Vitamin D than we actually need.
Getting outdoors and in the water (with sunscreen on of course!) I get that extra dose of Vitamin D and all the benefits it offers.
Did you know that being in the sun helps combat depression, strengthens your bones and boosts our immune system? My favourite benefit, however, is that getting enough sunshine and Vitamin D helps regulate our sleep cycle! So more time in the sun during the day helps us get better sleep that same night!

    4. Being in nature makes me feel AMAZING!

Being in nature, especially in dipped in water, calms me. Also, going to Sentosa makes me feel like I am on holiday, even if I am just 20min away from home!
The same way a long bath is considered a good way to help relax yourself at the end of a busy week, being in the sea helps me feel calmer and relaxed nearly immediately. I then find myself more focused, happier and enjoying more things in my day than if i stayed inside.
So if the weather looks good, I crave being at the beach!
Once I’m already in the sea, why not add to the benefits with an ocean swim, or better yet – a Ripple class in the sea!

Keen to take the plunge? Check out the Sentosa Island Happenings this month!

Sentosa went all out, with multiple beach and sea based workouts so it’s the perfect opportunity for you to book in and try something new. Careful, you might get hooked on Vitamin SEA too! Bhas and myself will be leading Ripple classes on the mornings of 18th and 19th February. With limited spots in each class, click here to book in now!