When you think of exercise you might picture a run, a bootcamp or maybe even boxing which is what most people do to keep themselves fit. However, is it the best way to keep fit in the long run? (pun 100% intended)  

Runners will tell you they love the feeling of pushing through their limits, but have you ever seen anyone smile while running? Well, that’s probably because like most high impact sports, even if your mind is addicted to it, you are putting your body through a lot of undue strain. Every time your foot hits the ground, 2.5 times your body weight goes through your body on impact. As much as running has tons of benefits for your overall health, it can also do a lot of damage and if you are reading this, chances are you are probably feeling the early signs of it.  

When is the right moment to take a break from high impact sports?  

Most people wait until they are injured to make the switch, because they have “no choice”, and I don’t blame them because that’s exactly what I did. Don’t make that mistake, or if you already have, hang in there, not all hope is lost!   

What are the signs you should make the switch? 


For some of us, feeling the soreness is part of the reward for working out, but ask yourself, am I sore from the workout or am I constantly feeling sore, fatigued and exhausted? 

This might be a sign that switching to a different exercise routine will help your muscles recover without taking time off from exercise completely. In other words, look for the best recovery workout. Surprise, surprise, Aquaspin is perfect for recovery! 



It is not ok to feel like taking a pain killer or an anti-inflammatory pill after your workout. Your body is asking you to take a break from high impact workouts and you are just numbing it instead! Unlike what some people think, you can still build strong muscles and improve your health with a low impact workout. Pain during a workout is not something you want to ignore; you only have one body and you want to treat it right.   



Take a ball. Smash it against the floor for 20min a day every day. How do you think the ball will look like after a week? What about after a year? Your body can only take so much strain on your joints, tendons and ligaments before showing signs of wear and tear. If you find that you have been injured many times while working out, or you have never fully recovered from a past injury, it’s time for a change. Find a workout that puts less pressure on your body and will help you stay active without compromising your physical health.  




Our fitness goals tend to be focused on strength, weight loss, improving stamina and speed. But have you spent time wondering how you can improve your mobility and balance? These 2 aspects of physical fitness are just as important and might be the reason why youre feeling lower back pain and your hips are so tight.  Going for slower, more controlled movements can be the answer youre looking for and low impact exercises like pilates, yoga, barre and surprise, surprise, even Aquaspin can give you a good workout while focusing on your weaker areas. 

If you are experiencing any of these signs, you may want to slow down on high impact sports and incorporate some low impact options in your routine instead. Depending on how bad these symptoms are, you might even need to see a physio and take a full break from high impact for a while. 

Important reminder: 

Low impact doesn’t always mean low intensity 
Low impact can be low, medium or high intensity. At Aquaspin™ we offer a variety of workouts from medium to high intensity, so you don’t have to compromise on your favourite training style! 

 You can do low impact workouts even when recovering from an injury 
Once your physio has cleared you for exercise you can safely enjoy low impact exercises to get stronger and even fast track your recovery! After all, aqua biking was invented as a rehabilitative method for athletes to recuperate faster after an injury, so why would it not have the same effect on you? 

 You can go all out without worrying 
It is not recommended to do high impact sports on a daily basis, but you can go all out and join a low impact class everyday if you feel like it, that’s the beauty of it!  

Also, this nagging feeling you have right before you run, when you just hope the pain will arrive as late as possible? Forget about it during a low impact workout, as you chose the safest way to move! 

 Changing your exercise routine can actually be a good thing 
Do you feel like you hit a plateau with your current training, or feel like you want to stop it all together? It doesn’t mean you have lost motivation, or you are getting lazy, you might just need to change things up. If you are looking to cross train, Yoga, Pilates, Golf and Aquaspin are all great low impact options to get your exercise kick and keep it interesting!  

At the end of the day, all physical activity is good for your body. Whether you are running or walking, your body will feel the benefits as long as you don’t put too much stress on it. Speak to your trainer or physician and find out if you need a change from your current exercise routine and never ignore the signals your body is sending, I can guaranty you there can be “gains without pain”. 

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See you soon!

Alyaa & Alicia

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